Organizations helping to bring awareness:

Amphibian Ark

Amphibian Conservation Alliance



FrogWatch USA (National Wildlife Federation)

Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation (Smithsonian)

Save the Frogs!

The Amphibian Project

The Green Belt Movement – Wangari Maathai

Toad Crossing

Frog Blog Manchester

Other “Green” Links:

Oogaa – Fun, Safe, Sustainable Products for Children

Everything Happy – One to Have, One to Give.

Drawing Dreams Foundation

Green Books Campaign

Field Herping Guide

Do The Green Thing

NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)

Over Land, Under Sea

Rachel Carson

The Wild Center

Planet Shifter

Beyond Climate Change

Love Letters To The Future

Million Baby Crawl

GOOD | How do we achieve harmony?


Go For Change

Pamela S. Turner

Adirondack Almanack


Toms – One for One

Jewelry For Water

How You Eco

Investing In Women

Design It Greener

GAVI Alliance

National Geographic BlogWILD


Well Cultivated (eco-friendly products)

Green Press Initiative

Pumpkin Doodle (Earth friendly products for the home and family)

Green Scout Report

Educational Entertainment for Children:

Children Art Foundation

Danni’s Tales

Wildlife Photographers:

Sara Viernum, The Wandering Herpetologist

Wes Deyton, Wildlife Photographer

R.D. Bartlett

Joe Furman

Valerie Clark (The Frog Caller)

Thomas Marent

Artists we like - Eco-friendly – Handmade Goods

Hoboken HandMade Collective

Paul Zwolak

Sherry Neidigh

Future Oxygen Cards – eco-friendly, bio-degradable products

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