101 Wallace School Frogs
101 Wallace School Frogs Coloring Book

As many of know, each Fall Frogs Are Green has a kids art contest. This past year, in addition to the artworks from across the USA and around the world, we received 400 black and white entries from Hoboken’s Wallace School.

We have created another coloring book and have edited the artworks down to 101.

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The Wallace Parent Team Organization at the Wallace Elementary School of Hoboken, NJ has endorsed this book and if you would like to purchase it on Amazon Smile, a  percentage of the sales goes to their organization!
Just visit:
https://smile.amazon.com and enter as your charity: Wallace Parent Team Organization!

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Below is the front cover design and a few select pdf pages for download as samples and the list of students whose work was chosen.

Pub Date: May 2017.
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Congratulations to Junu Sims and Sarah Burns, whose artwork graces our cover.

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Rainforest Frogs
Rainforest Frogs Book

Rainforest Frogs

Haiku by Caley Vickerman
Illustrated by Mark Lerer

Foreword by Franco Andreone
Designed and Edited by Susan Newman

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$11.95 | 52 pages, softcover

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Amphibian education plus art curriculum
Amphibian Education + Art Curriculum Book

Summary: Children in K-3 are introduced to frogs, amphibians and the world that surrounds them. By learning about the Earth’s environment and wildlife and having an understanding of the eco-system, they can creatively express themselves through art and share with others how everyone can help the earth by being eco-friendly. Students will be introduced to photographers and artists, both classical and current, who focus on nature and wildlife.

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