Sale! Rainforest frogs t-shirt
Rainforest Frogs t-shirt

This “Rainforest Frogs” t-shirt shows one of the illustrated frogs, Blue Poison Dart (Dendrobates tinctorius “azureus”) from our upcoming fully illustrated Haiku poetry book! All our t-shirts are printed on 100% cotton and eco-friendly in the USA. Proceeds fund amphibian and environmental research. Free shipping is included in the price when shipped within the USA. Designed by Susan Newman, founder of Frogs Are Green and Illustration courtesy of Mark Lerer.

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hibernating frog with haiku
Hibernating Frog Haiku

As Winter arrives I begin thinking about the frogs in our area, hibernating through the season. In celebration of our forthcoming (fully illustrated with accompanying Haiku poetry) book, “Rainforest Frogs” I've designed a new poster (and t-shirt) of a hibernating frog with a new Haiku.

The text reads:
Frogs hibernate now,
waiting for Spring to arrive.
The calling begins.

Our posters are printed on FSC certified paper. Both our posters and t-shirts are printed in the USA.
We ship for FREE in the USA.

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