Children Learn About Frogs and Earth Day

Ask any child whether they like frogs and the answer is always YES!

When I walk around my own neighborhood, I see children with frog umbrellas, boots, hats and they can easily imitate the sound of a frog too! Ribbit!


This is why Frogs Are Green was founded in 2009. Bringing awareness everyday to what’s happening on our planet and that frogs everywhere are disappearing.

We’re giving children the opportunity to learn about the environment, frogs and amphibians and express themselves. It’s through art that even 3 year old’s can share what they think.


This past April, Frogs Are Green partnered with The Distillery Gallery and Artspace in Jersey City, to exhibit 100s of artworks received from children around the world. This was the 1st exhibition of artwork received from international children for the annual Frogs Are Green art contest, 2009 through 2013. Some artwork was hung on the walls of the gallery space and 162 were shown via digital projection.

The Distillery Gallery and Artspace was chosen for this exhibition because they have children’s art classes on Saturday mornings and those young artists participated in the show as well, by displaying their frog pictures and beautifully painted flowerpots created for the Earth Day / Save The Frogs Day events.

teacher and students painting in art class

Won’t you please share our efforts, so we’re building awareness in children, who are the future stewards of our planet.

It’s our Green Dream that this exhibition will travel to a city near you now!

Susan Newman, founder of Frogs Are Green is now taking this international frog art education exhibition on the road. To learn more about this presentation for your school, library or exhibition space, contact Susan today!